“TORQ” is well equipped with testing facilities to thoroughly check product suitability to the design & performance requirement. Major facilities are in house and we outsource special tests.


  • Routine Pneumatic Actuator Test
    1. Leakage Test
    2. Operating Test
    3. Min. Operating Pressure
  • Type Test
    1. Torque out Put Test
    2. Cycle Test
    3. Response Time Test
  • Special Test
    1. Radiation & LOCAL Qualifications
    2. Helium Leak Detection Test
    3. Vibration Test
    4. Seismic Qualification as per IEEE 323, 344 & 383
  • Valve Automation Systems
    1. Seat Leak Test
    2. Pneumatic Operating Pressure Test with Valve on Hydro Pressure
    3. 4 to 20 Operation & Feedback testing
    4. 2 No +2 NC Feedback & Report test
  • Testing Arrangements
    1. Hydro Testing Bench – 2 Nos.
    2. Pneumatic testing Bench-3 No.
    3. Hydro Pneumatic Testing Bench- 1 No.
    4. Feedback Reporting Test Bench- 1 No.
    5. Coil Testing- 1 No.


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    “TORQ’s products are extremely reliable and our experiences with the sales and service departments have always been positive. TORQ Valves maintains a high degree of professionalism while preserving friendly relationships. It has always been a pleasure to do business with TORQ Valves Manufacturing and we look forward to many years of quality products and service. ”

    “The valves are reliable and hold adjustments well. Customer support is very good from TORQ and I like the FLOEC butterfly valve. The staffs are knowledgeable about the product line as well. All of the products I have used are very good. ”

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